2018In ItalyPNREnter the first50Years,PNRHas a professional r&d team,The complete professional laboratory,Advanced machinery and equipment,Let mePNRBe the leading brand in European industrial nozzle。
With our many years of successful experience,Professional technical personnel and quality service,PNRProfessional team ready for a more challenging times。

★☆★ Merry Christmas ☆★☆

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Important announcement『The migration』
Thank you for your support and encouragement for a long time for us,To help the company grow healthy and strong !
To provide you better service quality and improve the work efficiency,The company has moved to the new location,Sincerely hope can have the opportunity to serving you again soon。
Address: Zip code213022
Taihu lake east road, changzhou, jiangsu province9-4Number Changzhou creative industrial parkDBuilding921Room
The phone: 0519-89661671
Fax: 0519-89661673

PNRChina formally established
Rock the spray system(Changzhou)Co., LTD,For ItalyPNRThe spray company a wholly owned subsidiary in China,We have our own50Years of rich experience and professional knowledge,And over35000Of all kinds of nozzles,Including:Solid cone nozzleFan nozzleHollow cone nozzleRectilinear nozzleThe spiral nozzlesThe two-fluid nozzleMicro fog nozzlesWater mist nozzleThe air nozzlePlastic nozzleTube button type nozzleCeramic nozzleTank cleaning nozzlesSupersonic nozzleDry spray nozzleReturn flow nozzleThe flue gas cooling spray gunSilicon carbide nozzleTungsten carbide nozzleSteam nozzleBall jointHigh pressure nozzleHigh pressure spray gunAutomatic spray gunThe pipe rackAir knifeAndHumidifierAnd so on,Any industry we can provide high quality technical support with top quality products。

SONICEnergy saving air knife system
For any enterprise,A set of high quality air knife system or drying system must be able to『Low energy consumption and investment cost』,For the enterprise『Improve the capacity and optimize the quality of the product』,The United StatesSONIC AIR SYSTEMSThe company,With rich experience and professional testing software and test equipment,Makes the high quality air knife system tailored to the customers,To cooperate3DThe three-dimensional simulation demonstrates that the customer clearly understand the air knife system installation,More than 3 m customers use around the worldSONICAir knife system,You can rest assured the problem to us,SONICNot only provides『Drying effect』,Compared with other brands of air knife system,『Save electricity and energy saving』Our main advantage,Through numerical analysis and comparison,Let you know that investment recovery time,You will find that your investment is worth every penny。
Leader of the flue gas cooling system
Eco SprayTech
,Belonging to EuropeFLOWTECHGroup,For Europe's high temperature gas cooling and air conditioning system,With advancedCFDSoftware (Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD)And rich practical experience,Design for the customer、Planning and manufacturing high quality high temperature gas cooling system and air conditioning system,Widely and successfully used in many of the world's steel mills、Cement plant、Coal-fired power plants、Chemical plants and waste incinerators。
Expert in sewage treatment
ItalyILMAP,The famous filter nozzle(FILTER NOZZLE)One of the manufacturers,Specializes in r&d of the filter nozzle in fifty years、Production and sales,Products are widely applied to:Water treatment、Soft water、Domestic wastewater treatment、Industrial wastewater treatment、The river regulation、Groundwater treatment、Irrigation water treatment and swimming pool water treatment and so on purpose。

A cool cool summer
Sorching summer is reported,『Convenient type cool mist fan』And『Making artificial fog system』Is the most this summer「COOL」The summer,Artificial fog through the high pressure water pump with the micro mist nozzle,The fresh clean water mist into tiny droplets,Artificial fog can not only effectively reduce the environmental temperature and purify the air quality,More able to create an atmosphere of romantic pleasure。Artificial fog system of low energy consumption,Cooling effect is remarkable,Most can reduce centigrade5The degree of environmental temperature,Whether it is a factory factory or cooling outdoor restaurant,It is the ideal choice,Energy saving and environmental protection。

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