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Company profile

  Chuxiong city water supply and drainage co., LTD., formerly known as chuxiong city tap water company,The water plant was built in the1971Years,1973Formally put into production at the end of the year,2006And chuxiong city sewage treatment plant in chuxiong city tap water company merged to form water supply and drainage co., LTD,Is one who has a45Years of history of state owned enterprises,Has the fixed asset7.37One hundred million yuan,2016Years7On the check,The company's total assets17One hundred million yuan,Total revenue455.34Ten thousand yuan,Complete the gross value of industrial output10065Ten thousand yuan,Over taxes231Ten thousand yuan。Existing on-the-job worker183People,College degree or above132People,Have a professional and technical personnel81People,Deputy senior engineer4People,Engineer14People,Workers a total of technical level113People,The senior technician13People,Technician50People。Company for the chuxiong production planning、Domestic water supply as well as the key function of the whole urban sewerage treatment。

  Water supply company covers lucheng、East melon、Zixi3A town,A population of about with water30Wan,Total water supply6.9Thousands of households,Maintain the raw water pipes86.7Kilometers,Urban water distribution network581.2Kilometers。Sewage treatment plant, covers an area of31k m2,Services to the population28Ten thousand people,2010Years9Put into use in the main form a complete set of sewerage network of length22.65km,To improve the governance longchuan water quality、Ease the jinshajiang river water pollution and the improvement of the ecological environment plays an important role,Current conditions are is sewage disposal,“Energy conservation and emissions reduction”The backbone of the enterprise。

  The company will be under the guidance of the concern of the government departments at all levels,Strictly implement relevant laws、Laws and regulations,To strengthen the construction of its own,To strengthen the fine management,As always“Safety production、Emergency water supply、Energy conservation and emissions reduction、Project construction”As a“Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”The center task during grasping tireless,Make sure to complete the government issued the objectives of the task。