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  • Provincial academy of agricultural sciences' leaders of many modern agriculture industrial park in sichuan
  • Corresponding investment company held a thematic party day activity in June
  • Province agricultural bank guarantee company chairman Tang Gonglong line of investigation
  • Corresponding company held the party's 19 big spiritual talk
  • Haisheng group research hengjing HeChuan District inspecting working group
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  Pingliang kongdong corresponding investment development co., ltd. is funded by the district government、Authorization form of the agricultural development in the investment and financing platform construction,As belongs to state-owned enterprises,The area hardware-making department is responsible for the supervision。The company was founded in2015Years12Month31Day,Note...【In more detail】
·District party committee secretary Chen Duo supervision appraisal hengjing HeChuan District at the national level 
·Change of relocation project construction management measures for poverty alleviation in gansu province 
·Pingliang kongdong district hengjing HeChuan District facility vegetable industrial park 
·The hair〔2019〕6Number《About the general office of the state council 
·2018When the tax reform implementation main two-step 
·The ministry of finance:Active fiscal policy will focus on tax cuts JiangFei 
·Small micro enterprise financing difficulties The state council and the tax 
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