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TRITONAnd yichang new signed into value20Hundred million

TRITONAnd yichang new signed into value20Hundred million

Triton Minerals Ltd(ASX:TON) (Hereinafter referred to asTritonOr the company)Is pleased to announce and graphite products manufacturing enterprises in China Yichang new into graphite co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as yichang new into)JustTritonMozambique graphite products...

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  • How to recognize the merits of the graphite?

    How to recognize the merits of the graphite 1.The bending strength The flexural strength is the direct embodiment of strength of materials,According to the internal structure of the close degree。High strength of materials,The wear resistance of the discharge relatively...
  • Graphite is introduced

    My company production of water-based die forging brand graphite,Now can replace imported GermanyDelta144Graphite,In the United StatesDup31Graphite。This product1988Years won the award of shandong province high quality new products。 Water-based die forging of graphite...
  • Flake graphite is introduced and applied

    Graphite is a carbon crystal,Is a kind of non-metallic materials,Silver grey color,Soft,With a metallic luster。Mohs hardness1~2,Specific gravity2.2~2.3,The bulk density is commonly 1.5~1.8。 Graphite of high melting point,Under vacuum...